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    Safety Program Audits 

    Work one-on-one with an Align consultant to mitigate risk, optimize compliance, and prioritize employee well-being with our safety consulting services.



How Our Safety Program Audit Service Works

Our EHS consultants perform comprehensive interviews covering all facets of your business related to safety management, empowering you to achieve the best employee safety-focused culture possible! And just as importantly, we will help you achieve a level of success that is not only cost-effective, but also sustainable for the long-term. Here's how we do it, step-by-step:

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Interview Stakeholders

The review process begins with a comparison of your organization's safety posture to best practices related to established Safety Management Processes so that you can make the quickest, most impactful safety improvements possible.

Types of Safety Management Processes Surveyed
  1. Management Leadership

  2. Safety Accountability

  3. Employee Participation

  4. Hazard Assessment

  5. Hiring Practices

  6. Safety Training

  7. Incident Reporting and Investigation

  8. WC Claims Management

  9. Safety Programs/Policies

  10. Environmental Compliance

  11. Fleet Safety (non-DOT)

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Prioritize Improvements

Post-interview, an Align Professional Services team member will deliver a detailed and comprehensive write-up laying out your organization's ‘Safety Best Practice’ score. The write-up will include a summary overview, arranged in order of priority according to our grasp of the organization's business operations, safety stance, and industry best practices.

It will highlight the key areas requiring improvement or modification and offer a detailed analysis of each improvement area, along with recommendations for resolution.

You will meet with a consultant to review this output and strategize the next steps for improvement.

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Ongoing Support

Our consultants provide support throughout the process. To help ensure success, they follow up at 30, 60, and 90-day timeframes to assess your progress and provide recommendations for the next logical steps in your journey to achieving your safety program greatness.

After 90 days, or when the process is finished, if you feel you need ongoing safety support, we can help you partner with a third party safety professional to continue on your journey to "safety greatness!"

Promote accountability and encourage a culture of continuous improvement with regular safety program audits. 

Safety Program Audit Options

Virtual Visits

Ideal for more limited-in-scope engagements (simpler procedural or written materials reviews). Best for those who don’t need in-person evaluation, or where web-based staff interviews will suffice.

On-Site Visits

Ideal for more in-depth review needs. Best for those who want to include observation of the process or the working environment(s), and in-person staff interviews.

Ways Your Construction Firm Benefits

Conducting safety audits to identify opportunities for improvement and discover potential areas of noncompliance happens best by aligning your operational requirements, priorities, and objectives with capturing critical documentation. Our team can identify proactive measures that can help prevent accidents, protect your people and the environment, ensure legal compliance, and continuously improve safety performance. Here are some of the key advantages:

   Improves Safety & Environmental Compliance
  • Audits help ensure the construction organization complies with local, state, and federal safety regulations and standards. This can prevent legal issues, fines, and penalties associated with non-compliance.
  • By addressing these issues promptly, organizations can create a safer working environment, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries among workers.
  • Safety audits can also assess environmental practices, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and reducing the environmental impact of construction activities.
  Offers Continuous Improvement Opportunities

Regular safety audits encourage a culture of continuous improvement. They provide insights into areas that need enhancement and help organizations develop and implement safety improvement plans.

 Boosts Worker Morale, Retention & Productivity

A safe working environment boosts employee morale and job satisfaction. Workers are more likely to stay with an organization that values their safety and well-being.

Safe working conditions can lead to increased worker productivity. Employees who feel safe are more likely to focus on their tasks and perform at their best.

  Keeps You Protected Legally

Audits can identify potential risks and liabilities, allowing organizations to implement risk mitigation strategies to protect themselves from costly legal disputes.

In the event of a workplace accident or lawsuit, having a documented history of safety audits and compliance efforts can provide legal protection for the organization.

  Reduces Financial Burdens

Preventing accidents and injuries through safety audits can lead to substantial cost savings associated with medical expenses, insurance premiums, worker replacements, and project delays.

Fewer workplace accidents and injuries mean lower workers' compensation claims, reducing the financial burden on the organization.

  Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Organizations with a strong safety record can use it as a competitive advantage when bidding on projects, as it can set them apart from competitors.

Construction companies that prioritize safety build a positive reputation in the industry. This can attract more clients, lead to repeat business, and foster good stakeholder relationships.

Clients often prefer to work with construction companies that prioritize safety, as it demonstrates a commitment to project quality and worker well-being. This can lead to increased business opportunities.

  Peace of Mind for Everyone

Knowing that safety practices are regularly reviewed and improved upon can provide peace of mind for management, employees, and stakeholders.

Reduce Incidents and Implement a Comprehensive Safety Program

Our "Accident Causation and Prevention" white paper demonstrates the business case for implementing a comprehensive safety program. Read more about the importance of addressing near misses and causal factors to slow the climb up the accident pyramid and reduce your overall incident rates.

Download the White Paper


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