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Live, Virtual Training Frequently Asked Questions

How do online training classes benefit me?

Align Technologies offers a comprehensive range of online classes that provide an affordable way (because it's included in your subscription!) to learn the basics of the platform. With no need to travel, users can participate in these classes without incurring additional expenses.

The learning structure of these classes is designed to allow users to process the information in smaller, bite-size segments. Module-specific courses are available to enable key team members to explore advanced system functions.

Moreover, the classes are limited to 12 participants, ensuring you may interact with your instructor seamlessly.

I've never taken an online training class before. What does the experience look like?

Align's online training classes are taught in real time by real instructors. Users will interact with instructors and peers online and are encouraged to participate in hands-on exercises based on real-life construction operations scenarios and to ask questions during the class.

Which team members should take online training classes?

Align’s online classes are tailored to meet the needs of key organizational personnel, from warehouse and operations managers to accounting and front office employees and executives.

Beginner and advanced users alike benefit from our course offerings.

View our online classes list to see which is right for you.

How long do the online training classes last?

Most of our online classes have a duration of one to two hours. However, our comprehensive courses, such as the Align Essentials Training Class and Job Cost & Billing Class, are conducted over two days. This arrangement allows participants to absorb the information at a comfortable pace.

How much does it cost?

Training is available for the lifetime of your platform subscription. Pretty cool, isn't it? All class materials and training guides are included and provided at the beginning of each class.

Are other training options available if online training isn’t for me?

Yes, Align offers classroom training at our training center in Denver. The classroom provides a relaxed, hands-on atmosphere where you can interact directly with your instructor. All classroom training classes include the same benefits as your online training classes. Online self-paced courses are also available through Align Learning Resources.


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