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    Align | June 5, 2023 

    Align Introduces New EHS Solution for Construction

We are excited to announce the Align Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) launch. At Align Technologies (formerly ToolWatch), we strive to make construction operations more efficient, safe, and productive. In our three-plus decades of experience working with construction firms, we witnessed our customers’ construction projects becoming increasingly complex, with job site risks growing. That’s why we built Align EHS. 


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Safety is a critical element of broader construction operations. Align EHS is a comprehensive construction safety solution that provides our customers with a data-driven view of their safety operations. Our mission is to equip construction firms to make informed decisions for the best possible outcomes in keeping their teams safe and mitigating job site risks. The introduction of Align EHS is a significant step forward in making construction operations even more efficient, productive, and safe.

3 Ways Align EHS Takes Construction Ops Beyond Compliance


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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, construction accounted for approximately 20% of 4,764 worker fatalities nationwide. With the inherent risks in construction, our industry experts have been working hard to provide a solution beyond the basic safety requirements. Here’s how: 

All Safety Procedures Available in a Single Platform

Gone are the days of juggling multiple spreadsheets and paper documents to manage your safety protocols. The process is time-consuming, documents get lost, and mistakes happen when jotting information down by hand. Align EHS is a 100% paperless solution that serves the complete safety program lifecycle. From training, inspections, reporting, and corrective actions, our Align team developed the construction safety platform as the only safety tool your team will ever need. That means increased productivity, accountability, and reduced overhead expenses. 

Powerful Safety and Compliance Management

Compliance is more than just checking off boxes; it’s about creating a safe working environment and maintaining a positive reputation internally and publicly. However, we know keeping up with the latest safety requirements and regulations can get complicated. That’s why our safety leaders created customizable, OSHA-based inspection checklists, incident report logs, and a simple way to track employee training. This saves time Googling job site safety standards and cuts reporting time down from hours to minutes. Plus, as a comprehensive safety platform, you can establish safety requirements specific to your company and update all safety protocols and procedures across the Align platform automatically.

Integrated Safety and Construction Operations

Safety is an integral part of construction operations. By connecting your safety procedures and processes to your other construction workflows and data, you get a holistic view of your business. This eliminates the need to go through outdated files or rely on guesswork when making important decisions that impact your team and assets. All your safety data is readily accessible, right at your fingertips, presented in customizable charts that offer a bird's-eye view of the information you require.

Overall, Align EHS was designed to mitigate the inherent risks in construction. We are excited to see how integrating safety into everyday construction operations will support our customers through the entire lifecycle of their workflows. 

At Align, we continuously enhance our platform’s capacity to bolster safe and efficient construction operations. As the industry evolves and grows, we remain dedicated to offering customers cutting-edge and impactful solutions that instill confidence and foster a prosperous environment for construction firms worldwide. 

To learn more about our Align EHS platform capabilities, book a demo today

Written by: Align Technologies
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At Align Technologies, we make construction safe, productive, and profitable. As the construction industry's first and most comprehensive operations management platform, Align Technologies’ suite of powerful tools delivers operational visibility and control that drives results. Formed in 2024, Align Technologies is powered by three innovative market leaders: ToolWatch construction management software, Safety Reports mobile safety and compliance, and busybusy time tracking.

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