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    EHS Management

    Job Safety Analysis


Safety & Compliance Inspections

Conduct and report site inspections more quickly, easily, and accurately.  


Inspect With Confidence

   Preloaded OSHA Checklists

Utilize preloaded checklists from OSHA and other regulatory bodies to streamline the inspection process without compromising quality. 

   Automate Report Writing

Auto-generate professional inspection reports that incorporate the photos and comments captured during the inspection.

   Track Corrective Actions

Assign and track Corrective Actions to address issues identified during the inspection.

   Access Offline

Complete inspections anywhere, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

   Mobile Device Compatible

Compatible with iOS and Android devices your site inspectors and workers carry everyday.

   100% Digital (no paper!)

Inspections are conducted via mobile device and inspection reports are delivered via email - no paper required.


Safety Inspection Solutions Built for Contractors

Inspect & Report Faster
Take advantage of customizable OSHA checklists & automated reporting to shorten inspection cycles without sacrificing quality.
Spot Trends & Take Action
View inspection data in easy-to-read graphs on the admin dashboard & take action when you identify issues with corrective action tracking.
Boost Safety, Avoid Fines
Simplify the collection, reporting, and accessibility of inspection data so you can increase inspection frequency, improve compliance, & avoid fines.

Checkout These Sample Reports

Inspection Reports

In addition to Construction 1926 Checklist and our General Industry 1910 Checklist reports below, Align EHS also includes checklists for MSHA, Maritime, DOT, USACE EM385, and more. Align EHS offers 5 inspection report templates to choose from based on your needs.
To view example Inspection Reports, click the report templates below:
Classic Report Classic Report
Classic Negative Only Classic Negative Only
Table View Report Table View Report
Narrative Report Narrative Report
Summary Report Summary Report
Large Photo Report Large Photo Report

Inspection Checklist Included With Align EHS

Complete comprehensive inspections based on the regulatory standards of your industry.

  • Construction Industry (1926)
  • General Industry (1910)
  • Construction (CalOSHA)
  • General Industry (CalOSHA)
  • Construction (WISHA)
  • Ergonomics
  • MSHA (Part 56)
  • USACE (EM 385)
  • AG Industry (1910)
  • Maritime (1915)
  • DOT/FMCSA (49 CFR)
  • Process Safety Management
  • Best Practices
  • Office Safety
  • Incident Report
  • COVID-19
  • Long Term Care Facility CMS

Customer Testimonials

  • "The software is easy to use and very intuitive. We have used other software out there to complete inspections, and Safety Reports is by far the best. The quality of the reports we can produce is impeccable, and the analytics are extremely valuable."
    Hillary R.
    Safety Training Specialist
  • "Using this innovative software has improved our ability to manage inspections and training. It’s also worth noting that the service and support we receive has always been and continues to be nothing less than 5-Stars!"
    Metal Fabrication Industry Customer

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See How ToolWatch EHS Equips Your Construction Safety Program Today


About ToolWatch EHS

1. Will ToolWatch EHS replace Safety Reports?

Safety Reports will continue to be a separate product. ToolWatch EHS is designed for the construction industry, while Safety Reports remain a point solution serving a broader customer base.

2. Our company currently pays for separate ToolWatch and Safety Reports accounts. Can they be merged?

Yes, you can use one login for both ToolWatch and ToolWatch EHS. We will work with you to port your Safety Reports users to ToolWatch EHS so you can take advantage of the benefits of using ToolWatch and EHS together.

3. Does ToolWatch EHS data integrate with Vista? For example, are job or employee data available in EHS from Vista like it is for ToolWatch?

Currently, the primary integration that ToolWatch EHS has is with Procore and PlanGrid. However, we are working so that in the future both ToolWatch and ToolWatch EHS will have the same integration capability.

4. Does ToolWatch EHS offer live tracking of individuals on a job site?

ToolWatch EHS does not not track individuals in real time. However, we make it simple for users to input geotag locations for where they’re performing inspections, observations, or other safety functions. Combined with our time-stamping capabilities, geotag data show when and where certain safety processes are occurring.

5. ToolWatch EHS content is tailored to OSHA standards. Is there a plan to adopt other countries’ standards?

Currently, ToolWatch EHS content focuses on OSHA standards. We are looking to expand our checklist capabilities with additional checklists, detailed comprehensive data and documentation in the future.

6. If a manufacturer has specific inspection requirements, can those be used to direct the inspections for safety equipment?

Yes. Users can customize the inspection checklists and the frequency that you inspect a certain piece of equipment.

7. Will ToolWatch and ToolWatch EHS be accessed with separate mobile apps, or will they be combined?

Today, there is an EHS mobile app and a ToolWatch mobile app, but we plan to have one unified app in the future.

8. What type of access control measures does ToolWatch EHS have?

ToolWatch EHS has controls based on permissions and entitlements. Users can be granted access to individual safety module(s) and/or associated administrative functions.

9. What is the pricing structure for ToolWatch EHS?

The ToolWatch EHS modules come bundled in three different tiers depending on the needs of your safety program. We can work with you to figure out what tier and what modules make sense for you.

10. Can you upload custom sheets/cards for the Toolbox Talks?

Yes. In addition to a library of hundreds of Toolbox Talks that are free for users, companies can upload custom PDF Toolbox Talks to the EHS Training module.

11. Why does ToolWatch EHS use QR codes rather than barcodes?

We are focusing on QR codes because we believe they offer more capability and flexibility to store inspection history and other asset information.

14. Does ToolWatch EHS allow users to track and report on the completion of weekly Toolbox Talks for their crews?

Yes. The ToolWatch EHS Training module allows you to see if scheduled Toolbox Talks have been completed and offers multiple detailed reports that let you filter that information by user and user group.

15. Can ToolWatch EHS be purchased separately from ToolWatch Cloud?

Yes, you can use ToolWatch EHS even if you do not use ToolWatch for other functions.

16. Can Safety Reports data be exported to ToolWatch EHS?

Yes. Any existing Safety Reports data will remain available once you transition to ToolWatch EHS.

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