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The journey to operational excellence

You're evolving. So are we. 


The Align story starts
with ToolWatch

Our journey began more than 30 years ago when electrical contractor  Don Kafka grew frustrated with losing track of valuable tools. With no readily available off-the-shelf solution, Don took matters into his own hands and founded ToolWatch with the goal of helping fellow contractors better track their tools.

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From a tool-tracking solution to a comprehensive construction operations platform

Our Foundation

Don Kafka understood that the need for effective tool tracking was just the tip of the iceberg of the operational challenges. This realization resonates with many of our customers, who often begin their journey with us seeking solutions for similar challenges.

You've found the right partner if you're searching for the best tool, equipment, and consumables inventory solution to address your enterprise asset management needs.

When you're ready to streamline your asset, safety, and workforce management into a cohesive platform, we're here to provide you with an innovative and ever-evolving solution. Count on us to be by your side, supporting you every step towards successful project outcomes for your team and clients. Book a demo today.



ToolWatch founded tool tracking app

In 1991, ToolWatch launched the pioneer tool-tracking app in the market. 



ToolWatch created the first construction operations solutions platform

By 2000, our construction software evolved from a tool-tracking solution to a comprehensive construction operations platform. The company added market-leading capabilities over the next few years, ranging from critical software integrations to advanced financial oversight tools



Riverside Company invests in ToolWatch growth

Fast-forward to 2021, when we welcomed investment partner The Riverside Company, propelling our vision of creating a robust, cloud-based construction operations platform to new heights.



Safety Reports joins ToolWatch

In 2022, we expanded our capabilities by acquiring Safety Reports, a leading mobile safety and compliance solution in the construction industry. Integrating this solution into our platform enhanced our customers' EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) management capabilities and enabled them to use one product to manage physical assets and operational risk.



busybusy joins ToolWatch

We strengthened our offerings again the following year by acquiring Busybusy, the most innovative construction labor workforce management solution. This move solidified us as the construction industry’s most capable construction operations platform. 



ToolWatch Corporation rebranded to Align Technologies 

In 2024 we decided to rebrand, strategically becoming Align Technologies. This new name encapsulates the comprehensive solutions, professional services, and expertise we deliver to our customers. Our team remains dedicated to upholding our founder’s commitment to innovation, continually expanding our offerings to empower the people behind your projects, and equipping you to achieve operational excellence. Meet our leadership team.

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See It For Yourself

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“With Align we make the most of all our tools and equipment because we can account for every piece at any moment in time.”


Martin L.
Shop Manager


In 2021, ToolWatch welcomed investment partner Riverside Company and took the strategy to the next level, acquiring and adding one of the industry’s leading safety and compliance solutions to the platform. Then, in 2023, ToolWatch acquired busybusy and add the industry’s most innovative construction workforce management solution.

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Today, we’re called Align Technologies, a name that signals the full depth and breadth of the solutions, services, and expertise we offer. And more than 30 years on, we honor our founders’ commitment, innovating and expanding so you can power the people behind your projects.


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