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    Environmental, Health, and Safety Management

    Protect your most valuable assets and ensure that your people go home safely at the end of the day.

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7 Safety Capabilities to Power Your Safety Program

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    Safety Incidents
    Record and investigate incidents and manage OSHA injury/illness reports.
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    Safety Forms
    Go paperless! Convert paper safety forms into digital forms on your mobile device.
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    Safety Scans
    Use your mobile device to easily scan and inspect safety equipment.

Integrate your EHS program with field, warehouse and back-office operations.

Streamline processes and create synergies among remote job sites and your main office. Align EHS allows you to manage safety and inspection data for both your employees and the assets they use.

  • Ensure inspections and service records are current by adding inspection data for equipment to other operational data at the record level, including digital service calendars and maintenance manuals.
  • Connect employee certifications to their equipment and receive notifications for unqualified or expired certifications.

Ensure compliance and minimize risk across multiple job sites.

Purpose-built for remote job sites, Align EHS is mobile-friendly for use in the field on smartphones and tablets, making it easy to manage training, inspections, observation reporting, JSAs, and incident tracking across several locations.

  • Align EHS allows you to combine safety capabilities that best meet your business needs.
  • Virtual safety inspections enable you to conduct remote inspections by connecting in real-time with a team member while taking site photos.
  • Toolbox talk and safety meeting resources assist you with planning, executing, and documenting employees' training agendas on safety rules and protocols.

Track and manage critical safety data in real-time.

Our cloud-based EHS software solution offers enhanced safety visibility, expedited issue resolution, and maintained compliance through real-time storage of safety records, intuitive dashboards and analytics for compliance tracking, automated tracking of corrective actions, and centralized data collection for ongoing compliance documentation. So what does that mean for you?

  • Current safety record analytics enables you to gain comprehensive insights per job site or through your operations as a whole.
  • Intuitive dashboards provide site-specific or aggregate ongoing compliance tracking documentation.
  • Automated tracking of corrective actions ensures prompt resolution of inspection items.


Manage job site safety in one convenient platform

Reduce safety incidents, digitize safety documents, and access safety data with Align (formerly ToolWatch) EHS management software, the construction safety platform that goes beyond compliance.

Reduce Incidents and Implement a Comprehensive Safety Program

Our "Accident Causation and Prevention" white paper demonstrates the business case for implementing a comprehensive safety program. Read more about the importance of addressing near misses and causal factors to slow the climb up the accident pyramid and reduce your overall incident rates.

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Transform Your EHS Management With Align

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