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    EHS Management

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Equipment Management Software

Equipment Inventory Management & Tracker

Track, manage, maintain, and bill your most valuable physical assets.


Comprehensive Equipment & Inventory Tracking

  Seamless Asset Transfers

Assign and transfer equipment among job sites and responsible parties.

      GPS Integration

Get exact equipment location by integrating data from your GPS provider. 

  Timely, Accurate Charging

Easily charge equipment to the correct job with the option to integrate with leading accounting/ERP systems.

    Complete Maintenance Management

Avoid costly breakdowns with scheduled service, automated service notifications, and  detailed service histories.

     Employee Certification Management

Ensure your assets get assigned to certified personnel and receive alerts when certifications expire.


Maximize the ROI of Your Equipment

Achieve High Utilization
Leverage real-time information, including time per job and hour meter data, to drive utilization of equipment.
Boost Field Productivity
Location tracking ensures no idling of valuable equipment, while maintenance management helps avoid breakdowns.
Enable Data-Driven Decisions
Determine the viability of potential equipment purchases by calculating the ROI of assets based on actual usage data.


 How Equipment Inventory Management Helps

Insightful Dashboards

Align equipment management software includes dashboards that offer a comprehensive overview of your inventory performance. With real-time updates, you can quickly assess the status and efficiency of your assets, ensuring that you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips.

Customizable Reports

Generate detailed reports tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to track utilization rates, maintenance schedules, or financial metrics, the reporting capabilities in Align’s equipment inventory tracker allow you to customize the data you see. That means you can focus on the metrics that matter most to your operations, like which of your equipment are making you money each month versus costing you due to low utilization.

Historical Data Analysis

By analyzing past performance, you can identify trends and forecast future needs, budget more accurately, and avoid potential issues before they arise. The insights in our equipment management software are invaluable for long-term planning and optimization.

Enhanced Compliance Tracking

Maintain compliance with industry regulations through comprehensive equipment inventory tracking and reporting. Align equipment inventory tracker helps you keep detailed records of inspections, certifications, and maintenance, ensuring that you meet all necessary standards.

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Customer Testimonials

  • "We can quickly see where all our assets are and make sure the jobs won’t experience delays if they need anything."
    Vinny Fattorusso
    Inventory Manager, The Hillis Group
  • "We now know what we need to charge our customers. Before Align, it was difficult to make any direct connection between our actual costs and what we should be charging to recover them."
    Ken Dixon
    Vice President, Tonn and Blank Construction

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Give us 15 minutes and we'll show you how Align reduces tool loss, streamlines operations, and improves productivity.


Collaboration Tools in Align’s Equipment Management Software

Real-Time Communication

Align’s integrated communication tools facilitate seamless collaboration between team members, whether they are on-site, in the warehouse, or in the back office. Share updates, coordinate tasks, and resolve issues in real-time to keep projects moving forward efficiently.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected and manage your equipment from anywhere with Align’s equipment management software mobile app. The equipment inventory tracker app allows you to track assets, and update records on the go, ensuring that you have the tools you need, no matter where you are.

Automated Notifications

Set up automated notifications to keep your team informed about important events, such as maintenance due dates, equipment transfers, and certification expirations. These alerts help prevent oversights and ensure timely actions.


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Get Up and Running Quickly

Our implementation team partners with every new customer to configure the Align equipment management software for your unique needs and to get up and running quickly so you can stay focused on getting your projects done.

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See How ToolWatch EHS Equips Your Construction Safety Program Today


About ToolWatch EHS

1. Will ToolWatch EHS replace Safety Reports?

Safety Reports will continue to be a separate product. ToolWatch EHS is designed for the construction industry, while Safety Reports remain a point solution serving a broader customer base.

2. Our company currently pays for separate ToolWatch and Safety Reports accounts. Can they be merged?

Yes, you can use one login for both ToolWatch and ToolWatch EHS. We will work with you to port your Safety Reports users to ToolWatch EHS so you can take advantage of the benefits of using ToolWatch and EHS together.

3. Does ToolWatch EHS data integrate with Vista? For example, are job or employee data available in EHS from Vista like it is for ToolWatch?

Currently, the primary integration that ToolWatch EHS has is with Procore and PlanGrid. However, we are working so that in the future both ToolWatch and ToolWatch EHS will have the same integration capability.

4. Does ToolWatch EHS offer live tracking of individuals on a job site?

ToolWatch EHS does not not track individuals in real time. However, we make it simple for users to input geotag locations for where they’re performing inspections, observations, or other safety functions. Combined with our time-stamping capabilities, geotag data show when and where certain safety processes are occurring.

5. ToolWatch EHS content is tailored to OSHA standards. Is there a plan to adopt other countries’ standards?

Currently, ToolWatch EHS content focuses on OSHA standards. We are looking to expand our checklist capabilities with additional checklists, detailed comprehensive data and documentation in the future.

6. If a manufacturer has specific inspection requirements, can those be used to direct the inspections for safety equipment?

Yes. Users can customize the inspection checklists and the frequency that you inspect a certain piece of equipment.

7. Will ToolWatch and ToolWatch EHS be accessed with separate mobile apps, or will they be combined?

Today, there is an EHS mobile app and a ToolWatch mobile app, but we plan to have one unified app in the future.

8. What type of access control measures does ToolWatch EHS have?

ToolWatch EHS has controls based on permissions and entitlements. Users can be granted access to individual safety module(s) and/or associated administrative functions.

9. What is the pricing structure for ToolWatch EHS?

The ToolWatch EHS modules come bundled in three different tiers depending on the needs of your safety program. We can work with you to figure out what tier and what modules make sense for you.

10. Can you upload custom sheets/cards for the Toolbox Talks?

Yes. In addition to a library of hundreds of Toolbox Talks that are free for users, companies can upload custom PDF Toolbox Talks to the EHS Training module.

11. Why does ToolWatch EHS use QR codes rather than barcodes?

We are focusing on QR codes because we believe they offer more capability and flexibility to store inspection history and other asset information.

14. Does ToolWatch EHS allow users to track and report on the completion of weekly Toolbox Talks for their crews?

Yes. The ToolWatch EHS Training module allows you to see if scheduled Toolbox Talks have been completed and offers multiple detailed reports that let you filter that information by user and user group.

15. Can ToolWatch EHS be purchased separately from ToolWatch Cloud?

Yes, you can use ToolWatch EHS even if you do not use ToolWatch for other functions.

16. Can Safety Reports data be exported to ToolWatch EHS?

Yes. Any existing Safety Reports data will remain available once you transition to ToolWatch EHS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is equipment management software?

Equipment management software is software designed to help businesses track, manage, and maintain their equipment inventory, from tools like power drills to heavy equipment like bulldozers. It provides real-time visibility into equipment status, location, and usage, ensuring that all assets are accounted for and properly maintained.

How does an equipment inventory tracker work?

An equipment inventory tracker works by using a combination of software and hardware (such as barcodes, RFID tags, or GPS) to monitor the location and status of equipment. The software collects and organizes this data, providing businesses and their employees with up-to-date information on what inventory is in warehouses, what is in the field, what is in transit, and what is being maintained.

What are the benefits of using equipment inventory management?

Using equipment inventory management offers several benefits, including reduced equipment loss, improved maintenance scheduling, and increased operational efficiency. It helps businesses ensure that their equipment is always in good working condition and available when needed, reducing downtime and saving money.

Can equipment management software integrate with other systems?

Yes, the best equipment management software, like Align, can integrate with other systems that your business uses every day, like ERP, accounting, and project management software. This integration allows for seamless data sharing and helps streamline operations, making it easier to manage equipment across different departments and job sites.

How does equipment management software improve maintenance processes?

Equipment management software improves maintenance processes by automating service schedules, sending notifications for upcoming maintenance, and keeping detailed records of all service activities. This ensures that equipment is regularly maintained, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and extending the lifespan of assets.


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