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    Software Implementation


Get Align up and running fast with comprehensive implementation support.

We follow a robust and methodical implementation plan and offer extensive online and in-person training courses to ensure you are set up for success while implementing and using the platform. Timeline matters, and we know getting your team seamlessly connected to realize the value of Align Technologies within your organization is critical. Our team guides you through the entire process—read more to learn how we do it.

Your Implementation Roadmap


  • Define what success looks like
  • Establish objectives & goals
  • Reach milestones & complete objectives
  • Add value to company ops quickly
  • Launch implementation with tools for success
  • Determine future opportunities
Let's Dive Into The Details

We Are With You Every Step of the Way

Kick Off
Identify Objectives
  • Desired “go-live” date
  • Data migration plan
  • Training recommendations, access & enrollment
  • Integration utilization options
  • Stakeholders & recurring check-ins
  • Project management process
Provision infrastructure
  • Data analysis
  • Data migration
  • Sandbox testing
  • Establish user management
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Product Training
  • Complete Align Essentials training
  • Discuss customer-specific use cases and cover additional questions
  • Review the next steps to ensure a successful data migration process
  • Identify additional training & modules to be rolled out
Go Live
Product Launch
  • Provision production database
  • Internal SOPs have been tested, documented, understood and are in place
  • Users are equipped with the knowledge they need to operate Align successfully
  • Day-to-day operations & usage have begun or are ready to begin
  • Additional training & module roll-outs are confirmed & scheduled
  • Integrations are operating & functional
Customer Success
Here for you, always
  • Your Customer Success Manager will become your primary point of contact moving forward

A Team Approach to Implementation

Align is as invested in the success of your implementation as you are. A dedicated team, including your Account Executive, Success Manager, and Implementation Lead, will work with you to customize the implementation process to fit your timeline and desired outcomes. Our team will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that desired outcomes are met, scheduled milestones are hit, and expected value is realized. 

At Align Technologies, we believe that implementation is all about people, and the adoption by your team of your platform solution calls for a collaborative effort. After the completion of the project roadmap and milestones, our team offers ongoing training and resources to equip your team to leverage the software in the field, warehouse, and back office roles.


Your Success Is Our Mission

Partner with us for a lifetime of dedicated support with our tailored services today. We look forward to serving you.

Our professional services team offers a variety of services available when you need us the most.

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