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    Construction Asset Management SOP Consulting

    Improve your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to pinpoint bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and scale your operations.


Increase Your Organization’s Operational Effectiveness

Successful projects are fueled by strong internal operations built on consistent, measurable processes and procedures. Improve operational efficiency and productivity with our comprehensive construction asset management SOP consulting service. Define and implement strong, scalable processes based on industry best practices. We identify and recommend ways to improve how you track, manage, report, and job cost your tools and equipment to maximize utilization, accelerate project delivery, and increase profit margins.

  Identify Efficiency Gaps

Thoroughly examining your current asset management processes helps identify inefficient workflows as well as opportunities for further adoption of the Align platform to achieve additional time and cost savings, positively impacting your bottom line.

  Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Asset management consulting delivers detailed recommendations and process improvement suggestions, helping foster a culture and expectation of continuous improvement throughout your organization.

 Improve Internal Processes and Communication

The asset management SOP review identifies optimal processes, documents them, and encourages the standardization of these processes companywide. A vital part of the review examines communication channels and processes with an eye towards facilitating collaboration and better communication among your team members, subcontractors, and key stakeholders.

  Enhanced Competitiveness

Implementing industry best practices and leveraging new technology improves your ability to win and deliver projects, as well as increase profit margins. In turn you can exceed client expectations, improving your reputation and competitiveness on future projects.

  Drive Productivity and Profitability

Defining and implementing standard operating procedures streamlines workflows and eliminates bottlenecks, improving your ability to support projects and boost field productivity. Reducing project downtime and optimizing the utilization of your asset base increases ROI and drives overall corporate profitability.

  Boost Employee Morale

Involving key employees in the operational review process and rollout of SOPs improves job satisfaction and increases engagement by allowing input on how specific tasks and job functions should be performed.


How Construction Asset Management SOP Consulting Works

Our consultants conduct a comprehensive examination of your construction operations, giving you the tools to improve your operational efficiency. We are committed to helping you achieve long-term success by harnessing industry best practices and the power of the Align platform. Here's how we do it:

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Interview Stakeholders

The review process begins with interviewing key senior leadership, field, warehouse, and office personnel to identify your organization’s daily asset management operations, compare them to established Construction Operations best practices, and prioritize areas for improvement.

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Prioritize Improvements

Post-interview, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing your organization's ‘Construction Operations Best Practices’ score, an analysis of existing practices, and a detailed set of recommendations. Your Align consultant will review these with you and strategize the next steps for improvement.

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Ongoing Support

To ensure your success, we follow up for three months to assess your progress and provide additional coaching and recommendations. We can continue to provide additional implementation support at an hourly rate once the process is completed.

Types of Construction Asset Management Operations Surveyed

  • KPIs and Metrics
  • Reporting and Dashboard Configuration
  • Pick Tickets and Transfers
  • Requisitions and Returns
  • Inventory Counts
  • Service Operations
  • Purchasing and Receiving Inventory
  • Search Inventory
  • Data Integrity
  • Employee Roles and Permissions
  • Location Management
  • Charges and Posting

Improve project outcomes and create a culture of continuous improvement with a construction asset management SOP review.

Construction Asset Management SOP Consulting Options

Virtual Visits

Ideal for more limited-in-scope engagements (simpler procedural or written materials reviews). Best for those who don’t need in-person evaluation, or where web-based staff interviews will suffice.

On-Site Visits

Ideal for more in-depth review needs. Best for those who want to include a physical site walk-through and in-person staff interviews.

Revolutionize Your Operations with BLE Technology

Our “Bluetooth Low Energy Technology: Powering a Revolution in the Construction Industry” white paper examines the ways that BLE technology is transforming construction beyond tool tracking. Read more to learn how BLE can be leveraged to increase job site productivity, enhance operational visibility and supply analytical insights for strategic decision making.

Download the White Paper


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