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    On-demand Webinar

    CalOSHA's Workplace Violence Prevention Code


Senate Bill 553, which is now codified in California Labor Code section 6401.9, requires California employers to adopt a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP), train employees on workplace violence, and log safety incidents. In this webinar, legal expert John Surma and Certified Safety Professional Steve Polich dig into everything you need to know to stay compliant with this new regulation.

Key Timestamps

  • [1:10] - Speaker introductions
  • [2:31] - Agenda overview
  • [4:41] - Workplace violence definition
  • [7:02] - Overview of the workplace violence prevention code
  • [16:14] - Best practices for workplace violence plan development
  • [21:45] - Challenges in determining types of violence
  • [23:15] - Importance of training in workplace violence prevention
  • [27:16] - Priorities and consequences of non-compliance
  • [33:48] - Legal requirements and reporting
  • [55:03] - Expected benefits of compliance


Memorable Quotes

  • "Unless something is reduced to writing, CalOSHA really takes the position that it didn't necessarily happen. So you can't just say we have a plan communicated verbally; it has to be in writing."
  • "The key is involving employees in the creation of your workplace violence prevention plan. It needs to be specific to each work area and inclusive of hazard identification and reporting procedures."
  • "Training isn't just a checkbox. It’s about ensuring everyone understands the plan, knows how to report incidents, and feels confident in the measures taken to protect their safety."
  • "You have to create a violent incident log detailing every incident, its circumstances, and the actions taken. This log is crucial for compliance and for improving your safety protocols."
  • "This isn’t just about avoiding fines and penalties. A well-executed workplace violence prevention plan can save lives and significantly reduce the emotional and financial impacts of violent incidents."


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