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  • Operating Lean: How Tonn and Blank Puts Lean Construction Into Practice

    On-demand Webinar

    Operating Lean: How Tonn & Blank Puts Lean Construction Into Practice


Watch how Tonn and Blank practices continuous improvement to remain a construction industry leader after 100 years in business.

Are you ready to streamline your construction operations by leveraging automation and mobile accessibility on your job sites in 2023? In the above webinar, we break down how Tonn & Blank, a 100-year-old, full-service construction firm, leverages the six key lean construction principles to innovate its business operations and stay on the forefront of the construction industry.

During the pandemic, while other construction companies struggled with labor shortages, build costs, and supply-chain disruptions, Tonn & Blank continued to build lifelong customer loyalty through high-quality projects.

Be sure to watch the webinar if you are interested in learning how to:

  • Save time with streamlined processes for your back office, warehouse, and field operations
  • Leverage modern technology to reduce waste, increase profitability and productivity
  • Implement instrumental integrations to drive operational visibility, efficiency, and accuracy

Its lead process improvement manager, April Brown, will give you exclusive insight into Tonn & Blank’s groundbreaking approach to innovation and continuous improvement. 

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