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    Materials & Consumables Management


Ensure optimal inventory levels and a consistent supply of project necessities.

Align gives you the capabilities you need to reduce costs and increase profitability by managing materials and small items like discs and blades quickly and efficiently. Knowing exactly how much you have of each type of material or consumable, where it is located, and who is accountable for it allows you to keep just the right amount on hand and to move assets fluidly from one site to another as needed.

Bar Code Scanning

Use mobile scanning devices to automate the capture and recording of information on inventory quantities based on manufacturer UPCs or Align-created labels for parts, bins, or cartons.

Multiple Brand Tracking

Set similar assets up in Align as “equivalent items” to have the system manage them as one generic brand, while still maintaining individual manufacturer information and pricing.

Automatic Low-Level Notifications

Align automatically displays a message in the Message Center when inventory levels are too low or too high, as these conditions can affect performance and profitability. Get a detailed list of all actionable items with one click.

Flexible Billing Options

Choose billing mark-ups for products or specific projects. Set up cost codes for different categories (e.g. Electrical, Plumbing, General Conditions). View current billing charges at any time.

Billing Reports

Select various levels of reporting, from the most detailed transaction level reports to summary reporting, and print reports any time during the billing cycle.

Accounting System Integration

Save time and reduce the chance of errors by integrating Align with your accounting system at the job cost or general ledger level. The integration is easily accomplished using “web services” or exported data files.


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