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    Pick Tickets & Asset Transfers


Easily move and track assets to and from any location.

Align pick tickets and transfers let you effectively manage the movement of tools, equipment, materials, and consumables from the warehouse to job sites or other stocking locations, and from one job site to another.

Maintain enterprise-wide visibility into the location of all your tools and equipment by giving field teams the ability to quickly and easily indicate that an item has moved. With just a few taps on their smartphone or tablet using the Android- and iOS-compatible Align Field App, a field worker can provide updated information that is instantly available to all Align users.

Moving a tool also stops the job cost and billing calculations for that item on the current project. Charges immediately begin accruing on the new project. All of this can be completely transparent to the field worker, even as members of the office team see that the job cost and billing changes have taken place.

Better Communication

Communicate resource needs and asset locations clearly and accurately.

Accounting Automation

Align automatically begins or ends recording costs for an item when it arrives on or leaves a job site. When an item moves from one site to another, the system also adjusts the costing and billing accordingly.

Quick Reference Templates

Past pick tickets are stored in the system and can be used as a reference for commonly occurring projects.


Run reports to capture pick ticket and transfer activity for review.

Eliminate Warehouse Involvement

Allow field teams to move equipment without assistance and free warehouse team members of frequent interruptions, increasing their productivity.

Real-Time Tool Location Information

Real-time data on tool location provides many benefits, including the ability of project site supervisors to find items quickly when an urgent need arises.

Fixed-Rate Billing

Generate a flat-rate charge for a tool when it is assigned. When it is returned, Align can automatically calculate a return credit based on a percentage of the tool’s replacement value.

More Accurate Job Cost and Billing

Increase the accuracy of job cost and billing charges both for origination and destination projects with changes handled automatically.


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