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    Service & Calibration


Extend the life of your assets while improving safety and productivity.

Align simplifies the process of managing tool and equipment service. Easily create service plans to coordinate maintenance tasks, and schedule a specific service in just a few clicks, telling the system when it should be performed and what is to be done. When it’s time to perform the work, the system sends a notification to your message center. You can also schedule service for an item when transferring it.

Information on the most recent calibrations and inspections for all of your tools and equipment, as well as a detailed history, is easily accessed in Align. This information can be used to show compliance with OSHA regulations and other safety requirements.

Service Forecasting

Powerful reports let you look ahead at your service needs and budget personnel time accordingly.

Automated Service Notification

Be alerted when service is needed so you provide required maintenance at appropriate intervals.

Reduce Downtime and Control Costs

When an item is unexpectedly out of service, it can be costly. Minimize disruptions with timely maintenance.

Complete Service History

Get full details on an item, including costs, parts, and labor.

OSHA Compliance

Keep an accurate record of item maintenance to show that you have met legal requirements.

Identify Repair Patterns

Look for patterns in the repairs you are performing so you can find and correct the causes.

Assess Tool Life

Review service and repair records to determine when an asset is reaching the end of its useful life.


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