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    Purchasing & Receiving


Streamline the ordering and processing of new assets.

Align EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) makes it easy to perform purchasing and receiving tasks from anywhere: warehouse, tool crib, job site. Reorder notifications ensure that you never run out of an item. Automated purchase order creation saves time and increases accuracy.

  • Low-Level Browser. Set minimum and maximum counts for every item and get notified automatically when approaching those trigger points. Easily select items to purchase and add them to a digital purchase order.
  • Auto-Populated Purchase Orders. Key information such as vendor-specific SKUs, catalog numbers, percentage discounts, and negotiated pricing for each item is automatically filled in on purchase orders. This enables you to spot overbilling so you can easily request credits as appropriate.
  • Purchase Order Browser. View, sort, print, and edit POs from one convenient location. You can also select a PO, send it via e-mail or fax, open a receiving ticket, and track receipts, cancellations, and backorders.
  • Receiving Tickets. Align automatically produces receiving tickets for each purchase order, which are available via desktop or handheld devices. PO quantities, inventory quantities, and average item cost are automatically updated with each item received.
  • Control Costs. Keep costs low by avoiding unnecessary tool and equipment purchases and rentals.
  • Accurate Vendor Billing. Improve accuracy and spot overcharges when they occur.



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