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    Equipment Maintenance & Scheduling


Avoid costly equipment downtime and project disruptions

When a tool or piece of equipment is unexpectedly out of service, it can be costly, especially when it happens on a job site. Minimize project delays and extend the life of your assets by using Align to track and schedule equipment maintenance and safety inspections.

3 Ways to Streamline Heavy Equipment Service & Calibration

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Schedule Equipment Service

Actively tracking and scheduling equipment maintenance and safety inspections increases uptime and avoids costly disruptions on the job site.

  • Schedule an asset for service by designating the service to be completed and the date of service.
  • Receive automated service notifications to alert you when service is needed in order to complete the required maintenance.
  • Capture complete Service History including costs, parts, and labor.

Manage Equipment Maintenance

Align enables warehouse teams to proactively create equipment service plans to avoid stressful just-in-time maintenance and equipment breakdowns on site.

  • Create service plans to coordinate maintenance tasks among related tools and equipment.
  • Forecast upcoming service using Align’s reporting capabilities in order to allocate personnel time and budget accurately.
  • Understand tool life by reviewing services and repair records to determine when an asset is reaching the end of its useful life.
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Safety and Compliance

Align provides information on the most recent calibrations and inspections for all of your tools and equipment and a detailed maintenance history of your assets. This information can be used to show compliance with OSHA regulations and other safety requirements.

Learn more about EHS Management capabilities within the platform.

  • We can quickly see where all our assets are and make sure the jobs won’t experience delays if they need anything.

    Vinny Fattorusso

    Hillis, Inventory Manager

  • To be able to get a handle on the whole inventory has been an eye-opener for us. We were amazed at how many tools and resources we’ve been able to find.

    Ken Dixon

    Todd Construction; Vice President

  • With ToolWatch, we can make the most of each tool because things aren’t sitting around on job sites where they can be lost or stolen.

    Martin L.

    Shop Manager


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