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    Align EHS FAQs


Got Questions About Align EHS?

You'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our construction operations platform EHS management solution here.

What does Align EHS stand for?

Environmental, Health and Safety. To learn more visit:

Will Align EHS replace Safety Reports?

Safety Reports will continue to be a separate product. Align EHS is being built out specifically for the construction industry while Safety Reports will remain a point solution serving a broader customer base.

Our company currently pays for separate Align and Safety Reports accounts. Can they be merged?

You can use one login for both Align EAM and Align EHS. We will work with you to port your Safety Reports users to Align EHS so you can take advantage of the benefits of using Align and EHS together.

Does Align EHS data integrate with Vista? For example, are job or employee data available in EHS from Vista like it is for Align?

Currently, the primary integration that Align EHS has is with Procore and PlanGrid. However, we are working so that in the future both Align and Align EHS will have the same integration capability.

Align EHS inspection checklists reflect OSHA standards. Is there a plan to adopt other countries’ standards?

Currently, Align EHS inspection checklists focus on OSHA standards. We are looking to expand our checklist capabilities with additional checklists, detailed comprehensive data and documentation in the future.

Align supports checklists beyond OSHA as well: 

- Construction Ind. (1926 
- General Industry (1910)
- Construction (CalOSHA)
- General Industry (CalOSHA)
- Construction (WISHA)
- Ergonomics
- MSHA (Part 56)
- USACE (EM 385)
- Ag Industry (1910)
- Maritime (1915)
- Process Safety Management
- Best Practices
- Office Safety
- Incident Report
- COVID-19
- Long Term Care Facility CMS
- Safety Reports

If a manufacturer has specific inspection requirements, can those be used to direct the inspections for safety equipment?

Yes. Users can customize the inspection checklists and the frequency that you inspect a certain piece of equipment.

Will Align EAM and Align EHS be accessed with separate mobile apps, or will they be combined?

Today, there is an Align EHS mobile app and an Align EAM mobile app. We are investigating the option to have one unified app in the future.

What type of access control measures does Align EHS have?

Align EHS has controls based on permissions and entitlements. Users can be granted access to individual safety module(s) and/or associated administrative functions.

What is the pricing structure for Align EHS?

The Align EHS modules come bundled in three different tiers depending on the needs of your safety program. We can work with you to figure out what tier and what modules make sense for you.

Are you able to upload custom sheets/cards for the Toolbox Talks?

Yes. In addition to a library of hundreds of Toolbox Talks that are free for users, companies can upload custom PDF Toolbox Talks to the EHS Training module.

Why does Align EHS use QR codes rather than barcodes?

We are focusing on QR codes because we believe they offer more capability and flexibility to store inspection history and other asset information.

When is Align EHS available?

All Align EHS modules are currently available through the platform.

What is the vision behind expanding Align to include EHS?

Our goal at Align is to support our construction customers' operational needs in a single unified platform, and that means sharing operational data across different functions. Align EHS makes that vision a reality for safety operations. Moving forward, we plan to add further capabilities to deliver more of that value.

Does Align EHS allow users to track and report on the completion of weekly Toolbox Talks for their crews?

Yes. The Align EHS Training module allows you to see if scheduled Toolbox Talks have been completed and offers multiple detailed reports that let you filter that information by user and user group.

Can Align EHS be purchased separately from Align Cloud?

Yes, you can use Align EHS even if you do not use Align for other functions.

Can Safety Reports data be exported to Align EHS?

Yes. Any existing Safety Reports data will continue to be available once you transition to Align EHS.


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