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    Financial Oversight & Procurement


Take the financial management of your construction operations to new levels.

Efficiently manage project costs, improve forecasting, and increase profitability with Align's financial management capabilities and integrations. Align makes detailed project data collected from the field available to finance and accounting teams for improved financial visibility, accuracy, and management of your construction operations.

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Job Cost & Billing

Produce accurate job cost totals and invoices quickly and efficiently with the comprehensive tool, equipment, and material billing functions. Align automatically charges customers, departments, or projects for items used, lost, or damaged, allowing field and warehouse teams to focus on getting the job done instead of tedious administrative tasks.

  • Configurable job cost and billing options allow you to set the number of billing days per week and month, maximum billing amounts, holidays, and more.
  • Automated usage billing charges for tools and equipment based on how long they are checked out to a project.
  • Fixed-rate billing generates a flat-rate charge for a tool when it is assigned and auto-generates a credit upon return based on a percentage of the tool's replacement value.
  • Bill for tool losses and damages by designating it as lost in Align to generate a charge to cover the replacement cost.
  • Access up-to-date billing data anytime instead of waiting for month-end posting.
  • Integrate with your accounting system at the job cost or general ledger level to save time and improve data accuracy.

Purchasing & Receiving

Streamline the ordering and processing of new assets. Align makes it easy to perform purchasing and receiving tasks, and purchase order automation saves time and increases accuracy.

  • Low-level notifications automatically alert you when inventory levels are low.
  • Easily manage purchase orders - view, auto-populate, sort, print, and edit.
  • Auto-generate receiving tickets for ever purchase order.
  • Control costs by avoiding unnecessary tool and equipment purchases.
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Accounting/ERP Integrations

Align integrates with industry leading accounting and ERP systems to increase operational efficiency, data accuracy, and enrich the information in both systems to provide new insights that improve financial management.

Click here to learn more about Align's accounting/ERP integrations.
  • We selected Align because we wanted to capture as much overhead cost as possible for accurate job costing and billing.

    Tony Herring

    Woodruff, FIeld Ops Manager

  • We’re anticipating $750,000 to $800,000 worth of tool utilization this year. Not all of that is added profit, of course, but we are tracking our tools better and not spending money on tools we don’t need. Now we are job-costing these items instead of sweeping them into a black hole of overhead.

    Eric Monahan

    Woodruff; Controller

  • We’ve found nothing but great value with Align.

    David Meacham

    Account Manager, Jenco

  • We now know what we need to charge our customers. Before Align, it was difficult to make any direct connection between our actual costs and what we should be charging to recover them.

    Ken Dixon

    Todd Construction; Vice President


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