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    Align | Aug 12, 2022 

    August 2022 Product Updates

Your Ideas Matter


Client Feature Requests

Align partners with our customers to build and improve our products because we know you rely on Align to get your jobs and projects done. Check out the latest improvements we made based on your feedback:

  • All work orders now display the current assignment for equipment, enabling you to quickly determine the location of equipment that is in need of service and calibration.
  • Visibility for the field has been improved in the Align Mobile app. If a request will result in negative stock, an icon is now present, giving a mobile field user the opportunity to modify the transfer and potentially avoid a delay.
  • For those of you leveraging our Vista integration, you may now use Vista addresses when selecting a location address, avoiding double entry and ensuring your location data is consistent and aligned across Vista and Align.

More Updates to Improve the User Experience

Align Cloud

  • Infinite scroll will soon be made available on all data tables, eliminating the need to click through multiple pages!
  • Search for items by item number, model and bar code, including partial search for each.
  • The field content size for bulk item notes has been increased and made expandable to show all the important details about the item.
  • We made working with rate sheets more flexible. Rate Sheets can now be imported from Excel, an important, time-saving option for users who prefer that workflow.
  • The Pick Ticket & Transfers Dashboard received a visual update adding clarity to the status of your operations. The new pie chart is an actionable quick reference for any Draft, Requested, Ready to Pick, and In Progress tickets.

Mobile App

  • Your team members can now find items quickly and easily via ‘search by description’ when adding items to transfer tickets.
  • Logging in now automatically opens the menu to streamline field personnel’s use of the mobile app.

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Written by: Align Technologies
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