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    Align | Dec 2, 2022

    Go Beyond Your Current Capabilities With Align Cloud

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of Align Cloud, which unites field, warehouse, and back office users on a single platform that integrates construction operations to deliver new organizational visibility, efficiency, and productivity levels. We are excited to provide an even better interface for our customers.

Align Cloud marks a major leap forward beyond your current desktop capabilities. Log in to your cloud instance today!

More Accessible

Expanded Device Support

One of the obvious benefits of the cloud is that the Align platform can now be accessed from any device with internet access, whether it’s a Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. If you use multiple devices, you can maintain your user preferences, even continue sessions, while switching between them.

This is especially useful since a lot of construction operations happen remotely. Your back-office teams may be in-office for part of the week and remote for the rest. Your warehouse and yard staff may work half the day in front of a Windows desktop computer but be on their feet for the other half as they fulfill orders using their Apple phone or tablet. And your remote field teams need to be able to view your asset catalog and submit requisitions and returns from anywhere on any job site. Align Cloud makes all work environment scenarios possible and easy to manage.

Spanish Language Support

To make our platform even more accessible, Spanish and English language options are now available in the global navigation of the Align Cloud portal. Users can switch to the language they are most comfortable using without impacting the user experience of their coworkers. To ensure your team confidently operates your Align software, training is offered in both English and Spanish through Align Learning Resources.

Current Customers

Visit to access Align Learning Resources. If you don't have access, please submit a request to create an account with your customer success manager by visiting your customer support page.

Even More Capabilities

New Feature

With Align Cloud, field teams can proactively return tools and equipment when they’re no longer needed onsite. It may require some retraining since field teams tend to hoard, but the benefits are clear: returning tools and equipment reduces job costs and makes them available to other projects sooner. Once adopted by your field teams, your company can dramatically improve its overall utilization and ROI.

Improved Feature

Any user on any device can initiate requisitions, not just via the Align mobile app, so long as an admin gives that user the required permissions and access. For years, requisitions have been one of the key features of the Align platform, helping keep job sites moving and projects on schedule, and now, thanks to the cloud, this feature is more flexible than ever before. Download the Align app in your app store by visiting Access Your Account.

New Feature
Product Catalog

The Product Catalog is a new, more intuitive way to manage your inventory. Populating your inventory and adding assets has never been easier, and through the same interface, users can search and view all information, including location, for the assets being tracked. 

New Feature
Integrations Catalog

Integrating the many systems your business runs on is more important than ever since it eliminates data silos, double-entry, and human error. Now you can easily browse our list of supported integrations and activate the ones that make sense for your company through a single web interface.

Easier to Use

Streamlined Workflows

We did not just move a copy of the legacy desktop app to the cloud and call it a day; we redesigned many Align workflows to be much more efficient. Instead of navigating through multiple interface screens to complete key workflows, you can now complete the same workflows in fewer steps through a single interface screen. For example, the new Product Catalog consolidates multiple features across multiple module windows in the legacy app into a single, easy-to-use interface.

UI Design Improvements

For the redesigned workflows and a few existing workflows, users can now enjoy a more modern and polished user interface, which means Align is now easier on the eyes and easier to use.


Faster Load Speeds

To streamline workflows and make your team more efficient, our cloud architecture reduces the load speed of complex data views to 3 seconds or less, whereas before, it could take over 10 seconds.

No-Install Software Updates

With Align Cloud, you never have to worry about whether you have the latest version of Align, and you don’t need to wait around as new software installs. Our product updates are implemented automatically and immediately; you only need to sign in.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) Integration Support

If you’re worried you’ll have to enter your login credentials every time you access Align Cloud, relax. Align can be integrated with an identity provider via Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to authenticate users via Single-Sign-On (SSO). For those who don’t know that jargon, we’ve made it possible for users to access Align securely through their company’s domain without entering their login credentials every time.

Bonus: Future-proof Enterprise Architecture

Because Align Cloud employs modern, web-based architecture, our team can develop and deliver new product features and improvements faster and more frequently for your benefit. And because this web-based architecture is inherently scalable, it empowers our enterprise customers to grow faster while ensuring all employees have access to the benefits of Align.


Not a customer yet and interested in seeing a demo of Align Cloud? Book a demo today!

Written by: Align Technologies
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