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    Align Technologies | Mar 19 2024

    GPS Tracking for High-Value Tools and Equipment


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Are you tired of spending hours every week or month manually checking your inventory at each job site instead of pushing the project forward? We get it, but we also understand what happens when jobsite inventory goes unchecked.

  • Expensive equipment stolen right from under your nose
  • Job sites put at a full stop waiting for what they need
  • Your pockets drained from replacement costs

It’s time for a better way to track your tools and equipment with Align’s wireless tracking. Align allows you to automatically verify that your tools and equipment are exactly where they’re supposed to be. How?

Last year, Align introduced its Wireless Tracking product, which uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly scan your warehouse, jobsites, and tool trailers for tagged tools so you can see if the tools you assigned to a location are indeed at that location.

It’s an industry game changer (and time saver) - completely automating your manual inventory checks.

And it just gets better because we’ve got some big news: Align now offers GPS Tracking for your high-dollar tools and equipment. You heard that right! Let’s take a look at what this capability can do.

See Where Your Assets Are in Real-Time

With Align, you can place a GPS Tracker on the tools and equipment you want to track by satellite, including your trailers, generators, and work trucks—you name it, and we can track it. Then, directly from the Align platform, pull up the item you are looking for, click “Map,” and instantly see a map view of your asset’s exact location. It’s really that easy.

gps tracking map

How is GPS Tracking Different from Align's Wireless Scan?

Great question! Align’s GPS Tracking and Wireless Scan are two different solutions with unique benefits to your daily operations.

  • GPS Tracking provides the exact location of your equipment or tool, whether it's on the jobsite site or not.
  • Align’s Wireless Scan uses Bluetooth scanners at warehouses and jobsites to confirm the location of assets within the scanning range so you can see which items are at each location. We also offer battery-powered scanners that can be mounted to a tool trailer or used on jobsites that do not have convenient on-site power options.
But that’s not all Align’s wireless scanning does! Here are a couple of our favorite features.

wireless tracking

Automated Transfers

If your tagged inventory shows up at a different location with a gateway, your transfer records are automatically submitted within Align, including job costs and billing charges for projects. Plus, your site and warehouse supervisor can easily pull up their email and see the work orders sent immediately after the transfer.

wireless scan asset transfers

Scheduled Reports

If anything eats up as much time as manual inventory checks, it’s probably reporting. With Wireless Scan, you can have custom reports sent to you at any daily, weekly, or monthly – you choose. This includes reports for:

  • Which tools that haven't been picked up on a scan
  • Tools scanned on a site they are not assigned to

Ultimately, it saves you time and energy, so don’t worry about reporting. Instead, have the Align platform handle it automatically.

wireless scan reports

Ready, Set, Track

Align Technologies gives you the tools you need to take asset management to the next level. Getting started with GPS Tracking or Wireless Scan isn’t hard. We’ve got the team you need to get up and running quickly. Book a demo with our Align Technology experts to learn how you can put an end to the hunt for your tools and equipment.


Written by: Align Technologies
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