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    Align | August 11, 2023

    Safety Reports by Align Named Top Safety Solution Among Contractors According to ABC Survey


In an industry where safety is paramount, we are proud to announce our safety management solution, Safety Reports, emerged as the most commonly used safety solution among contractors, according to a survey conducted by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). Safety Reports is a suite of mobile safety and compliance applications with a long history of serving the construction industry, from facilitating compliance inspections and reporting to Job Safety Analyses (JSAs), on-site training, and other construction safety tasks and processes. The ABC survey results are a great affirmation that Safety Reports is helping keep the construction industry safe. 

About the Survey

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national construction industry trade association with over 22,000 members based in the United States. On January 4, 2023, ABC conducted a survey among its extensive contractor members. This survey included findings on numerous topics, including workforce development, development practices, safety education, and contractor demographics. 

When asked, “Which technology companies do you use, or have you used to research, purchase, or deploy safety technology?” one out of every five contractors reported utilizing Align’s Safety Reports products as their go-to safety management technology, more than twice as many as any other safety technology solution. 


Image Source: ABC 2023 Workforce Development Survey

How Safety Reports Serves Construction

Safety Reports was originally developed to enable fast, easy, and high-quality construction inspections and compliance reporting by simplifying OSHA standards into easy-to-understand inspection checklists and automating the report writing process. From there, the product suite expanded to address virtually every construction safety procedure and use case. That broad support for construction safety procedures, combined with an unwavering commitment to usability, has made Safety Reports the industry standard. 

Safety Reports Apps

Safety Reports App Capability
 Inspections Streamline inspections and improve quality with OSHA-based checklists.
Training  Simplify, document, and track toolbox talks and other training.
JSAs Identify potential job site hazards and implement controls to minimize risk.
Observations Enable your employees to quickly and easily record safety observations
Incidents Record and investigate incidents and manage OSHA injury/illness reports
Forms Convert paper safety forms into digital forms on your mobile device
Scan Use your mobile device to scan and inspect safety equipment easily


Building on Safety Reports Success with Align EHS

Align recently announced the launch of Align EHS, which integrates Safety Reports capabilities within the Align platform and expands the offering for construction companies. Specifically, Align EHS unifies the 7 Safety Reports applications into a single app, which is fully integrated with the Align platform, where safety tasks and procedures are joined with other operational workflows. The results are more efficient and consistent completion of safety tasks, as well as fewer technology solutions to adopt and manage. The addition of Align EHS is a major milestone in our mission to deliver a broad construction operations platform that streamlines and accelerates the completion of projects.

To learn more about Align’s safety solutions, please visit the Safety Reports and Align EHS webpages, or contact us directly to start a conversation.

About Align Technologies

With over 30 years of experience supporting construction firms globally, Align Technologies (formerly ToolWatch) has earned a reputation as a trusted provider of cutting-edge solutions. The company's commitment lies in offering construction professionals the means to streamline operations while ensuring top-notch safety management, reporting, and compliance on job sites. Through Align's innovative platform, construction professionals can approach their projects with confidence, knowing they have a reliable partner that facilitates efficiency and safety at every turn.

Written by: Align Technologies
About Align Technologies

At Align Technologies, we make construction safe, productive, and profitable. As the construction industry's first and most comprehensive operations management platform, Align Technologies’ suite of powerful tools delivers operational visibility and control that drives results. Formed in 2024, Align Technologies is powered by three innovative market leaders: ToolWatch construction management software, Safety Reports mobile safety and compliance, and busybusy time tracking.

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