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    Construction Asset Tracking & Management


Track and manage tools, equipment, materials, and consumables with confidence and accuracy.


Start by adding new asset records quickly and easily.

Creating new records for tools, equipment, materials, and consumables in Align is quick and easy. The system even streamlines the process of adding more tools of a type you’ve already defined by letting you create “model records” that contain information that would be standard for all tools of this type. Then you simply add a new tool under that model record.

  • Detailed Asset-Specific Information. Records for specific tools include tool number, service history, purchase date, meter information, barcode number, etc.
  • Individual and Quantity Asset Options. Track larger, more expensive items individually and smaller items like drill bits, hand tools, leather gloves, and hard hats by quantity.
  • Attachments. Attach manuals, MSDS, invoices, etc. to asset records for easy access.


Enable field teams to request the assets they need.

Stay ahead of fast-changing job site requirements with the ability to submit digital requisitions on the go. Request tools, equipment, and materials quickly, efficiently, and accurately with the Field Requisition feature of the Align Field App.

Improved communication between field teams and the warehouse team increases the productivity of both groups and prevents errors that can occur with illegible paper request forms or misinterpreted phone conversations.

  • Save Time. Eliminate time wasted filling out requisition forms or playing phone tag with the warehouse team. Keep both teams focused on what they do best.
  • Draft Requests. Never forget an item. Use the Field App’s draft capability to note your needs as soon as they come to mind. Review and submit your list as time permits.
  • One-Touch Item Selection. Increase accuracy with one-touch selection of items from your inventory list. Prevent time wasted on returning tools and equipment incorrectly sent due to miscommunications on the type or number of items.
  • Auto-Generated Pick Tickets. Align automatically produces pick tickets in the warehouse, streamlining the picking and delivering of items. Pulling information from a request directly onto a pick ticket also eliminates transcription errors.
  • Improve Warehouse Logistics. With simplified anytime, anywhere ability to submit a request, Field teams can do so throughout the day, allowing the warehouse team to integrate those tasks into their workflow rather than being inundated at the end of the day.


Transfer assets with ease and full visibility.

Align is designed to help construction companies efficiently move and track items across multiple job sites and stocking locations. Leverage Align's workflows designed for construction companies to seamlessly transfer between warehouse and job site locations, as well as provide enterprise-wide visibility into how many assets you have in your inventories and where they are located.

  • Transfers. Easily reassign assets to new locations and responsible parties with item transfers.
  • Requests. Empower your field personnel to efficiently request the items they need to get the job done with just a few clicks of the Align field app, keeping projects moving forward.
  • Pick Tickets. Field requests can automatically generate warehouse pick tickets to be fulfilled and transferred. Pick tickets can also be manually created with a few clicks of the Align warehouse app.
  • Returns. Enable field employees to proactively return tools and equipment no longer needed on site, reducing instances of costly assets sitting onsite unused and reducing the amount of time items are charged to projects for improved cost efficiency.


Search, update, and verify assets in the Align app.

Instantly locate a critical tool from the field with 24/7 access to real-time information on your inventory from Align field, warehouse, and back office apps. Finding what you need quickly can prevent costly delays on your current project and a ripple that can affect the timing of later projects. Enabling field teams to be more self-sufficient also allows the warehouse team to be more productive.

Updating tool records from the field in real time keeps information current, which benefits other Align users throughout the company. Changing the status of an item that needs unscheduled maintenance helps ensure optimal performance and maximum life for your tools and equipment.

  • Comprehensive, Centralized Database. Get detailed information on any item in your inventory across all regions, divisions, storage locations, and projects to assist in planning and logistics.
  • Search Across All Locations. Look for the tools and equipment you need at all warehouses, stocking yards, and projects, and then request the item from the appropriate location. Finding it at a nearby job site and contacting the site supervisor directly can save you time and effort.
  • Update Meter Readings. Make odometer or hour meter entries that Align uses to automatically generate service tickets for tasks like oil changes, safety inspections, and calibrations. Staying on top of these activities reduces unexpected project downtime, extends the useful life of tools and equipment, and helps ensure you meet regulatory requirements.
  • Update Status. User-defined statuses in Align enable you to coordinate the use and servicing of tools and equipment. In addition to the statuses that you create, the system comes with default statuses for Do Not Transfer, Service, Destroyed/Retired, and Lost & Found.
  • Increase Speed and Accuracy of Decision Making. Allow warehouse teams to make confident allocation decisions by providing full visibility on tool locations.
  • Eliminate the Need for Contingency Purchases. Reduce expensive surplus inventory that warehouse teams previously kept on hand as “backups.”
  • Distribute the Responsibility for Tool Tracking. Quickly and inexpensively solve issues of visibility, accuracy, and timeliness of data by distributing responsibility across field and warehouse teams.

When your personnel are confident that the information they have on tools and equipment is accurate and up-to-date, they are able to make faster, more effective decisions. As a result, they are less likely to purchase additional items to “cover” themselves. Align gives everyone in the organization confidence-building visibility into asset availability, as well as the option to request, transfer, receive, and return the items they need to get the job done.


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