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    Align | Oct 18, 2022 

    October 2022 Product Updates

Introducing Table Customization

Tables play a central role in almost every workflow on the Align platform, including item browsing, asset management, service and calibration, and job cost and billing. The better our tables support these many workflows, the smoother your operations can run!

Depending on the workflow an individual user is tasked with, they will soon be able to customize which data each table displays as well as how it is displayed. Here are a few examples of how tables are being improved:

  • Customize which columns to display
  • Customize the order in which columns are displayed
  • Customize the width of columns
  • Column headers remain fixed as you scroll down
  • Row checkboxes remain fixed as you scroll right
  • Multi-select checkboxes for bulk actions

For instance, users can declutter their workflow by removing unnecessary columns and reordering the remaining columns for clarity. If the user is working with a lot of data, they can resize the columns to be smaller. These changes will persist for the user on the device they’re currently using, even if they navigate to other pages or log out, but they will not affect their settings on other devices or the setup of other users. (Note: these settings are stored in your browser’s cache; clearing it will reset your settings to the default. A ‘reset to default’ option will also be available on the modal window).

Currently, these features are only available on the Item Browser, but we will soon expand the functionality to all tables on the platform.

More Updates to Improve the User Experience

Reduced Load Disruptions

One of the benefits of Align is that it collects and makes accessible a tremendous amount of business data, whether through tables or dashboard analytics. It can take time to load all this data, and our product development team continues to work on speeding up API calls and reducing page load times. Recently, we implemented updates that will reduce load disruptions.

  • Loading spinners only cover content yet to load. Users can interact with the rest of the page while tables load, including navigation away from the page

  • Dashboards no longer autoload. Users can now click around and choose which tabs they want to view for fewer delays.

Added Clarity to Pick Ticket Creation

  • When creating a pick ticket, a green notification now pops up to confirm that an item has been added to the cart.
  • The pick ticket cart now displays the total number of items in it, rather than the number of unique items that have been added.

Improved Consistency for Catalog Functionality

  • The catalog view now offers the same filters as the item browser, including models and brands. 
  • Users can now “Select all” for categories and brands.
  • Multi-select functionality has been added, as has a “See more” pop-up.
  • Item Browser 'default' sort order now allows for 'Age' in descending order with a visual indicator - now showing items that are not being used first

The voices of our customers and partners power our direction for improving Align’s platform. Do you have ideas you’d like to share to help shape the improvements we make? Let us know by submitting a request here.



Written by: Align Technologies
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