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    Align Technologies | April 16 2024

    Align's OData API Connection

Spot hidden trends and uncover new insights from your existing data. With Align's new OData API connection, you can pull Align data and combine it with data from your other systems within a business intelligence platform like Tableau or Power BI. This way, you can create easy-to-understand visuals that help scale your operations with data-backed decisions.


Achieve More With Align's OData API Connection

Connect Your Data for Streamlined Reporting

Connecting your Align data with other data sources creates a centralized hub for your reporting. It becomes faster and easier to provide your crew with the information they need when they need it without having to look at multiple systems.

Transform  Data into Decisions

With the ability to pull data directly into platforms like Tableau and Power BI, you can create detailed reports and dashboards that simplify your data into easy-to-understand tables and charts. These visualizations make it easier for teams across your organization to understand and act on the data, improving collaboration across your operations.

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How to Leverage Align's OData API Connection

When you have a combined view of your data, you can optimize every area of your operations. Here are four key areas you can leverage Align’s OData API Connection to take your business to the next level:

  1. Cost forecasting: Integrate job cost data with operational metrics to forecast future project costs and identify areas to cut back or spend your next dollar
  2. Inventory and Procurement: Connect your inventory data to manage procurement schedules and prevent project delays caused by shortages
  3. Project Visibility: Equip your project managers with accurate data on project status, resource allocation, and budget adherence. So they can keep projects on track and within budget throughout the year.
  4. Warehouse Operations: For high-volume processes involving picks, implement a real-time data feed that displays on screens across the warehouse. The data could include the prioritization of pick tickets, who the fastest pickers are, and which tools are being staged.

Build out the Reports You Need

Anyone can start building powerful reports. But if you are worried that you're not tech-savvy enough to do it yourself or that you don't have enough time, we've got you. Our ProServices team is on standby to help you build the custom reports and dashboards you need. Whether you need a simple visual summary or a complex analytical deep dive, our team at Align Technologies is here to make it happen.

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Ready to Get Started?

If you are an Enterprise customer, you can update your Reporting Cloud to OData today. But if you are just curious about Align’s new reporting capabilities, contact us today for more information. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive guidance and ensure you maximize the potential of your data.

Written by: Align Technologies
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